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Sequin Vomit

Where the world's ugliest dance costumes go to die.

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Where the ugliest dance costumes in the world go to die.
Anyone who has ever danced knows that the parade of horror will never end--the parade of horrifying dance costumes that is.

This community is for people who have been forced to wear neon pink and neon orange together with a liberal sprinkling of sequins, or has just been a traumatized witness to these atrocities. Here is a place to vent about the monstrosities you have been forced to wear, have seen being worn, or even just stumbled across online, in a supportive place where everyone understands that maroon crushed velvet is not in fact God's gift to dancers.

Please read community rules before posting!
Community Rules:
1) Pictures are a MUST in each post, even if it's just a simple MSPaint artist's interpretation of the mess you have borne witness to. We realize you may have destroyed all evidence of that sparkly teal thing you wore at your recital five years ago, but without visuals, nobody will be able to fully appreciate your horror.

2) When posting pictures, please put any large (700+ pixels) or multiple (more than one) images behind an lj-cut. Any images that might be considered not safe for work ("oops" nudity or anything lewd) must also be hidden behind a cut and properly labeled somewhere in the post.

3) Please no hotlinking! If you can't be arsed to save and re-host images, don't bother posting. If the mods discover you have hotlinked, your post will be deleted.

4) This is a community for dance costumes. This means all kinds of dance, from jazz to ballet, from belly dancing to ballroom, from salsa to stripping. This does not however, mean this is the proper place to criticize genres of dance that you do not approve of, or individual dancers you do not like. Take your grudgewank elsewhere. We all feel the sequin burn equally, folks!

5) No deleting of posts, comments, or disabling of comments on posts that you make. This just creates more drama than it's worth, and may be considered a ban-worthy offense. Don't do it, period.

6) This is a snark and humorous-commentary friendly community! Only post costumes that you think are hideous and don't mind other people laughing at. If an image of one of your costumes is posted, and you don't want them poking fun at you, simply neglect to mention that the costume was yours.

7) As common courtesy and on request, unless you are posting an image of yourself, please blank/crop out any recognizable faces or names. Faces on mannequins and catalog models are ok; they signed up for this job, after all.

Your fun and fabulous mods are zhukora1 and musicalthomasie.